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Retail Industry

VoIP Solution for Retail Industry

2021-08-26 10:33:56


The cost-effective VoIP solution for the retail industry helps retailers build up a modern communications system, improve soft competitiveness.


Application Value

  Htek solutions are easy to deploy, widely compatible and expansible, could make all your branches connected without burden and meet the needs of sustainable business development.
  Being equipped with a built-in USB port, the latest Htek IP phones support multiple extended functions such as USB call recording, USB headset, Wi-Fi dongle, etc., which could achieve greater flexibility and functionality in the daily office.
  With cutting-edge Acoustic Shield technology and a broad audio codec list, Htek solutions guarantee a lifelike and smooth communication experience even in poor network conditions or noisy environments.
  Keeping track of the relevant information about incoming and outgoing calls and supporting graphical statistical analysis presentation, Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) is your intelligent business assistant that shows you a clear insight into the performance and efficiency of every communication with clients.
  Htek feature-rich IP phone could provide a variety of value-added services including BLF, Call Transfer, Call Park, and 5-Way Conferencing, etc., 10,000+ contacts and rich one-touch soft keys are allowed for customization, bringing additional convenience and increasing productivity to branches operation & management.
  Htek IP phones enhance excellent stability and performance with dual-core processor technology. In addition, Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) provides real-time monitoring with alarm and remote troubleshooting, which could protect business users’ investment. 



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