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Logistics Industry

VoIP Solution for Logistics Industry

2021-09-10 08:59:22


Htek VoIP solution could effectively optimize the internal & external communication efficiency, improve the cargo throughput and create greater economic benefits for logistics enterprises.


Application Value

  The characteristics of numerous branches and scattered settings of the logistics industry greatly limit office efficiency. Htek VoIP Solutions could integrate with the existing logistics network with broad compatibility and easy scalability, release the power of remote collaboration.
  Htek IP Phones have high-resolution color displays with backlight, LED indicators and adjustable angles, meet the various illumination conditions, ensure an enjoyable viewing and operation experience with our humanized UI design.
  With the utilization of a wide audio codec list and advanced Acoustic Shield technology, Htek UC900U Series IP Phones ensure the delivery of lifelike audio and the filtering of surrounding noise were ensured. Users could enjoy distraction-free HD sound quality call in the complex office environment of the logistics industry.
  Htek UC900U Series IP Phones have enriched advanced connectivity features, including built-in Bluetooth, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), and a powerful USB2.0 port that could compatible with commercial mainstream USB headset brands. With extensive application scenarios and flexible deployment options, it could help you cut costs and maximize the ROI.
  Htek IP Phones support all-inclusive features and play an important role in optimizing service quality, including BLF, SCA, Intercom, Call Park, 5-way conference, etc. With 10,000+ contacts and rich one-touch soft keys allowing for customization, Htek IP Phones are indeed intelligent business assistants to improve customer satisfaction and belief.
  The innovative Htek Device Management System (HDMS) integrates several cutting-edge functions and the web-based platform. Users could enjoy a worry-free maintenance experience including automatic deployment, remote diagnostics, real-time alarm, etc., without support from professional technical teams.



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