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Hospitality Industry

VoIP Solution for Hospitality Industry

2021-09-17 10:00:


Htek VoIP solutions for the hospitality industry could seamlessly integrate into the hotel intelligent management system, improve the service response speed, optimize the hotel management architecture, and make a profound impact on improving the hotel ROI.


Application Value

  Htek phones provide an API interface, supporting the integration of LDAP management and CRM system. The corresponding recorded information of the customers could be displayed when their incoming calls are received. With Htek products’ wide compatibility, every penny of customers is effectively protected.  
  Htek phones’ operation system supports Multi-Level Watch-Dog Protection technology and Redundant Server technology. Through layers of protection, embarrassing situations such as phone downtime and information loss could be completely eradicated. Ensure the long-term stable operation of hotel communication to create a trustworthy brand image.  
  10,000+ contacts, 36 paperless multi-function keys for customization, up to 6 expansion modules cascaded, 3 color screen size options (4.3 inches, 3.5 inches, 2.8 inches), adjustable placement angle and wall hanging support… Htek provides more flexible options and more diversified configurations to customize a suitable solution for each hotel.  
  Htek phones are equipped with Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet to provide a high-speed network transmission experience. Through the BLF or speed-dial configuration function, the front desk, dining room, property, and security office could be connected at one button from the guest room. It is so efficient and fast, that could improve the service response speed and optimize the customers’ accommodation experiences.  
  Intelligent Htek Device Management System (HDMS) could monitor devices’ trouble and real-time alarm, support scheduled tasks to carry out management plan. Device maintenance and upgrading could be easy without a professional technical team.  
  Htek phones support HD sound quality and a broad broadband codecs list. The speaker has clear sound and sufficient volume, and a multi-way meeting could be initiated at any time. Equipped with the Acoustic Shield technology, our phones could intelligently filter the environmental noise and deliver interference-free call communications.  


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