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VoIP solution for the healthcare industry

2021-08-06 09:15:01


The practical VoIP solution for the healthcare industry helps medical staff collaboration, improves patient experience, and promotes business sustainable growth.


Application Value


Under the severe doctor-patient relationship, conflicts occur from time to time. The flexible one-button alarm function guarantees the security of life and property of medical staff.

  The medical work scene is complex, and the rhythm is fast. The rich telephone functions, such as Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Park and 5-Party Conference, etc., the easy operation could make such a huge improvement to the work efficiency.   The expansion of medical institution departments and branches makes the management of directory more and more complex, Htek IP phones support 10,000+ contacts and smart searching methods, making the cooperation easier and faster.
Aiming at these problems, such as limited level of technicians, untimely response, etc., the Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) monitors and manages the device’s status around the clock, with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, customers could enjoy quick and simple maintenance.   The working environment such as the medical service hotline and open office area is busy and noisy, Htek Acoustic Shield Intelligent eliminates environmental noise and distractions, HD sound quality optimizes the treatment process and improves the service quality.
  Flexible automatic deployment and strong compatibility adapt to a variety of application scenarios, help the healthcare industry steadily improve the level of digitization and informatization, and calmly face the sustainable growth of the business.


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