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Government Institution

VoIP solution for Government Institutions

2021-07-29 14:12:26


Reliable VoIP solution for government institutions, safeguard state security, optimize cooperation process.


Application Value

The government institutions are carefully divided by functions and in a large number, Htek UC900U series IP phones are supporting 10000+ contacts and various Phone Book (Local DirectoryLDAPADBroadsoft Phone Book, etc.), could reduce the burden that high cost and complex management of contacts, improve the economic performance powerfully.   Different from the single function of traditional PSTN phones, Htek IP phones could provide rich services such as BLF, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Park, Call Retrieve, Call Pickup and 5-Way Conferencing, etc., to improve the efficiency of government affairs processing.

  The level of operation and maintenance personnel in each unit varies considerably, Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) makes devices easy to deploy, manage and maintain (upgrade, warning, etc.), 24-hour detection of devices, sound quality and other abnormalities to ensure high-quality communication.

State information security is of uppermost priority, Htek secure voice transmission mode is encrypting data stream in multiple layers, guard every critical conversation.
  The incomplete work records are a recipe for disaster, Htek dual firmware images has enhanced disaster recovery, strengthen government credibility.

  The demand of integrating communication data and internal data network is obvious by the informatization trend, the broad compatibility of IP phones could satisfy it to reduce information gap and achieve data synchronous update.


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