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Financial Industry

VoIP Solution for Financial Industry

2021-08-19 09:37:07


The remarkable VoIP Solution for Financial Industry could improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and maximize business benefits.


Application Value


Htek phones cover multiple application scenarios with broad interoperability, flexible scalability, and advanced dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G) & Bluetooth connectivity, and provide daily office work with the infinite possibility to meet the growing business needs.

  The application of industry-leading encryption algorithm and redundant server technology ensures reliable security strategies, makes the security of every conversation and the data disaster tolerance reach an unprecedented level.   Htek phones provide not only the customization of abundant functions including call hold, call transfer, call park, and 5-way conference, but also the lead in designing USB interface, which could support extended functions such as Wi-Fi dongle and USB disk recording, enrich daily cooperation and enable efficient office.
Supporting 10,000+ contacts, with user-defined grouping, intelligent search function, and humanized interface, Htek phones play an important role in reducing the information gap internally, developing customer relationships externally and maximizing business interests.   Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) could provide advanced automatic management services, including deployment, upgrade, update and even real-time alarm diagnosis, etc., save the costs for management and maintenance, ensure high-quality call experience, and improve customer satisfaction.
  The industry-leading HD Voice and Acoustic Shield Technologies, could intelligently block the surrounding noise and deliver realistic sound, with Htek Wireless Headset Adapter or USB headset, the distraction-free HD voice call experience anytime and anywhere is ensured.


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