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E-Commerce Industry

VoIP Solution for E-Commerce Industry

2021-10-29 15:14:42


With the sweeping of the global epidemic, the demand for online trading has exploded, and the new transaction model of “screen to screen” has become widespread. Many retail giants have joined the competition. With efficient and concise communication systems, Htek VoIP solutions help e-commerce and enterprise e-commerce departments turn efficiency into profit and improve their comprehensive strength.


Application Value

  The e-commerce service platform covers a wide area and the logistics & storage centers are scattered in many places. Htek VoIP solution could closely connect local branches with the headquarter. Htek phones support up to 10,000 + contacts and intelligent search methods, making internal communication more convenient and faster. With the five-way conference function and excellent speakerphones sound quality, every business cooperation proceeds without hindrance.  
  With the awakening of consumer awareness, the importance of users’ service experience is self-evident. As a communication bridge between consumers and enterprises, the phone customer service center is a major factor affecting customer satisfaction. With powerful nd independent language chip, extensive audio codecs, and leading Acoustic Shield technology, Htek phones could intelligently filter environmental noise, and deliver a clear and noise-free HD voice call experience.  
  After years of development, enterprises’ communication systems have been closely combined with daily office. Htek phones are equipped with powerful dual-core processors, which makes them run more stably and users operate more smoothly. More "multi-level watchdog protection" technology, layer by layer protection in the process level, module level, application level, system level, never crash or miss any business opportunity.  
  Htek phones have dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), built-in Bluetooth 4.2, USB 2.0 interface, and other cutting-edge technologies. They are compatible with mainstream USB and Bluetooth headsets in the market. It has thorough coverage of office scenes and maximizes the enterprise input-output ratio. Htek products have broad compatibility and easy scalability, which meet the sustainable development needs of e-commerce businesses.  
  The impressive 24-hours service industry attributes of e-commerce enterprises bring great challenges to the dispatch of engineers and phones’ daily maintenance. The innovative Htek Devices Management System (HDMS) adopts a web-based operation interface, which could complete batch deployment, maintenance and upgrading without a professional team. It also supports cutting-edge functions such as trouble monitoring, real-time alarm, and scheduled management task.  
  Htek phones provide rich value-added services, such as BLF, SCA, intercom, call park, etc., and up to 36 paperless multi-function keys for users’ free configuration. By supporting up to 16 SIP accounts, only one phone is required to satisfy the service needs of multiple communication platforms, which could greatly improve office efficiency and optimize service quality.  


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