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  • CPIC

    2022-07-22 09:54:29


    China’s insurance market has ranked second in the world for four consecutive years. While the market size has expanded significantly, it is also facing more complex and volatile external environments and challenges brought about by the impact of the epidemic and industry adjustments.


    With the strengthening of the public’s awareness of the insurance industry, the consumer’s requirements for insurance consumption are constantly escalating. In addition to hard conditions such as price, a series of other factors are also increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, such as call center connection rate, customer satisfaction, the timeliness of claims, etc. Accelerating the digitalization of enterprises is on the agenda.


    China Business Journal pointed out: In the insurance agent team, the largest sales channel, many life insurance companies have shifted from the traditional " Human wave tactics" to "high-quality, high-capacity, high-income" professional insurance agents. Ultimately, an efficient personal office collaboration communication system will directly promote the steady development of the insurance business.


    Htek provides CPIC (China Pacific Insurance Company) with a modern IP communication solution, breaking the digital barriers between IP communication systems and customer management systems, promoting the digital transformation of the insurance business, rapidly responding to customer needs, helping to build a professional team of insurance agents, and reducing the resistance to business growth.


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    China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd.
    China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CPIC, or the Company) is an insurance holding company incorporated on the basis of China Pacific Insurance Company, which was established on May 13, 1991. It is a leading insurance group headquartered in Shanghai, which is the first insurance group simultaneously listed on Shanghai, Hong Kong and London Stock Exchanges.
    CPIC adhered to high-quality development, vigorously pursued transformation and delivered steady growth of business results. It was listed on the Fortune Global 500 for the 10th consecutive year, ranking 193rd.
    The Company continuously enhanced its operational and service capabilities and provided services to 139 million customers, projecting a image of being “responsible, smart and caring”.






    - CPIC has a large number of branches and the insured all over the country, the consequent call service has accumulated heavy call costs and occupied excessive resources. In addition, the expansion of traditional PSTN telephone capacity is so complex that it disrupts business expansion. The group wanted to switch to a modern IP communications system that could control call costs and simplify mass deployment steps.

    - Due to the service attribute of the insurance industry, staff will receive countless internal and external calls every day. The traditional way of working is to distinguish between internal and external lines by checking the number before answering the call, which undoubtedly slows down work efficiency. The group hopes the new phones have the function of distinguishing internal and external incoming calls by the ringtone.

    - The insurance business has a huge number of address books, and its updates and maintenance are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The group demanded that the new communication system support modern directory management, and the phones can flexibly invoke contact information. Meanwhile, the phone needs to have an open API -compatible with the enterprise CRM system - which can quickly check customer information and respond to customer needs.

    - To meet the 7/24 uninterrupted service characteristics of the insurance industry, CPIC wants the phones to support modern office functions such as hot-desking to maximize resource utilization.

    - Insurance business transactions often come into contact with the sensitive identity information of consumers, so information security is particularly important. To protect the information security of enterprises and users, CPIC put forward high requirements for encryption performance and stable operation of the communication system.






    Htek UC912P * 500+ & Alcatel-Lucent’s Communication System


    | Network Topology Diagram






    Cut deployment and call costs, Enjoy HD audio call

    This solution adopts Htek entry-level IP phone UC912P, which supports plug-and-play and is deeply compatible with Alcatel-Lucent and other mainstream VoIP systems in the market. It has smooth interoperability and can realize rapid batch deployment.

    Htek phones support a variety of high-definition voice codecs including Opus, and can present clear sound quality under wide and narrow bandwidths regardless of the network environment.

    In addition, the calls of IP phones are established by the SIP protocol, and the voice traffic is compressed into streaming media through the SIP server and sent through the network connection, which effectively cuts the group’s communication costs.

    Differentiate internal and external calls with different ringtones, Unleash enterprise productivity

    Htek phones support custom ringtones for internal and external incoming calls. Users can quickly distinguish between colleagues and customers based on different ringtones, and answer them in time, enhancing the effectiveness of communication.

    Furthermore, Htek phones have rich value-added services, such as speed dial, call hold, call transfer, call park, and 5-party conference, etc., which enrich the daily collaboration experience, efficiently empower teams, and release enterprise productivity.


    Modern directory management, rapid response to customer demands
    Htek phones support a variety of address books such as local, LDAP, AD, Broadsoft Phone Book, etc., and intelligent searching for contacts, greatly improving the usability of the phones.

    The directory can also be grouped by departments, groups, and other methods, which helps to quickly initiate audio meetings and improve decision-making efficiency.

    The group can manage all devices in a unified manner through a web-based interface, and update the latest directory to all phones at the same time, effectively solving the complex problem of directory management.

    Open API, Maximize enterprise resource utilization
    Htek phones have open API interfaces and support LDAP (third-party protocol) management integration and CRM system integration. Users can see the customer profile in the CRM according to the call, which is convenient for quickly checking customer information and responding to customer needs.

    In recent years, major insurance companies have launched customer follow-up services to improve customer stickiness and satisfaction. After integrating with the CRM system, staff can avoid repeated follow-ups and improve service efficiency

    Htek phones support hot-desking, allowing multiple people to share a phone at different times. For insurance companies that need to provide 7/24 service, it can greatly improve device utilization.

    This solution greatly improves the digital penetration rate of the group and maximizes the utilization rate of enterprise information, manpower and device resources.


    Layer-by-layer encryption of calls, Protect enterprise information security
    In the digital age, it is not uncommon for companies to leak corporate information due to omissions in data management. Protecting user information is especially critical for insurance groups that hold large amounts of personally identifiable information, financial payment information, and health data.

    Htek phones use industry-leading encryption algorithms, and their operating systems have "multi-level watchdog" protection. Through multi-layer encrypted voice transmission and comprehensive protection, Htek phones are capable of safeguarding the safe and stable operation of enterprise communication systems and ensuring the security of enterprise and user information.