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  • Jiangsu Dongcheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd.

    2022-04-27 08:33:05



    Jiangsu Dongcheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd.
    Jiangsu Dongcheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is one of the key backbone enterprises of the professional power tools manufacturing industry in China, the vice chairman unit of Power Tools Institute of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association. The company covers an area of 226,800 square meters. With modern plants, first-class production and testing equipment, the construction area can be 156,800 square meters. Meanwhile, there are more than 5,000 staff in the company, including a group of professional senior engineers and a senior management and technical team.






    - Since its establishment, the Jiangsu Dongcheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd. has expanded many branches around China. Its office communication system based on traditional telephones has caused an unnecessary economic burden to enterprise operation.

    - With the acceleration of the pace of modern business development, the traditional phone system has fallen behind, which not only does not conform to the values of sustainable development, but also affects office efficiency.

    - The project includes three branches:
      Shanghai branch is characterized by a streamlined office team;
      Nantong Branch has four factories with a large scale;
      Hangzhou branch requires independent of the group network.
      The main business and actual deployment environment of each subsidiary are so different that it is necessary to design the deployment solution of the new communication system in a differentiated manner.

    - Nantong Branch is mainly composed of four factories, three of which need communication transformation, switching the old communication network using the equipment of other manufacturers to the new communication network, one new factory needs independent of the group network, the deployment of four factories is carried out synchronously, and the safe and stable connection of the network needs to be guaranteed.

    - The Jiangsu Dongcheng Electric Tools Co., Ltd. required branches to connect through VPN, to realize barrier-free connection among branches and improve the management efficiency of the company.





    Htek Eco-entry Level IP Phone UC902SP * 800 + Equiinet PBX




    | Network Topology Diagram





    Modern Communication System to Liberate Enterprise Productivity

    Replace the traditional telephones with IP phones to form an all-IP network. It can not only support batch deployment, but also facilitate subsequent management and maintenance, and reduce enterprise technical support investment. "Painless" switch to the modern communication system, which can realize efficient office with rich value-added services and liberate enterprise productivity.

    Sustainable Communication Transformation, Protection of Enterprise Assets
    Htek makes rational use of existing resources and improves the asset utilization rate of the enterprise in the process of transforming the old communication system. The new modern IP communication system not only has convenient capacity expansion and meets the sustainable development needs of enterprise business, but also reduces the communication cost, improves the return on investment and protects enterprise assets.

    Customized Unified Communication Scheme, Ensure Data Security
    Htek customized unified communication solutions according to the business needs of each branch to ensure the safe and stable connection of the network. The branches adopt the Htek entry-level IP phone UC902SP with OpenVPN function, which can perfectly access the enterprise VPN network and connect all branches. In this way, the barrier-free connection among branches is realized, the management efficiency of the company is improved, and the data protection ability of the enterprise is also enhanced.