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Successful Story

  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

    2023-11-24 10:08:19

    | SPD Bank office building in Shanghai



    Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (hereinafter referred to as SPD Bank) is a national joint-stock commercial bank approved by the PBC on August 28, 1992, opened on January 9, 1993, and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 (stock code: 600000), with its headquarters in Shanghai. Like most enterprises, SPD Bank requires an efficient communication system for its numerous organizations and branches.


    So far, Htek has deployed communication systems for SPD Bank’s Shanghai head office and many branches in China, including: Nanning, Guangxi; Xi’an, Shaanxi; Xiamen, Fujian; Chengdu, Sichuan; Lanzhou, Gansu; Foshan, Guangdong; and Haikou, Hainan, etc. It also included a number of subsidiaries such as SPDB Technology Subsidiary and SPDB Wealth Management Co., Ltd.




    | The office environment of SPD Bank


    - Take the the new Green Valley project on the site of the former 2010 Shanghai Expo as an example: this project involves communication between 7 office buildings, and the number of phones deployed in the first batch is close to 3,000, which will be gradually increased as the personnel move in successively.

    The most challenging part of it is how to perform network management and equipment maintenance of the large-scale deployed phones - including batch configuration management and batch version management of the devices, as well as devices monitoring and fault alarms through the management platform;

    - As the bank’s communication involves a large amount of business data and financial secrets, the immediacy, integrity and security of data transmission and recording storage become the top priority of this project;


    - To fulfill the business needs of the banking industry, IP phones need to have rich enterprise-class features, including at least 4 accounts, support local 5-way conference, 1000 entries of local address book, group call, etc., to improve the efficiency of office collaboration.



    UNIFY PBX + Htek color screen phones + HPT provisioning tool

    Staff: 100M color IP phone

    Executive: Gigabit color IP phone with an Expansion Module

    | Network Topology Diagram





    | The field environment in which the phones are deployed


    √ The HPT assignment tool provided by the solution enables intelligent scanning and batch management of devices accessing the platform, easily realizing large-scale management of phones. Meanwhile, it supports RPS to make the phones plug-and-play. This solution greatly simplifies the workflow and improves the operational efficiency of the enterprise;

    In response to the needs of the banking industry, Htek has customized and developed a recording dump function for SPD Bank - supporting the existing B2B UA recording system, which can closely match its business demands. It removes the memory constraints of the phones and PBXs, which means that a large number of recordings can be stored completely and instantly without affecting the normal operation of the phones and PBXs;


    √ Htek’s IP Phones offer rich enterprise-class features, such as at least 4 accounts, local 5-way conferencing, 1000 entries of local address book, group call, call forwarding, BLF and other high-frequency functions for daily office work, with intuitive and easy-to-use operation interface, which greatly improve the efficiency of office work.