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  • Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2022-11-23 14:13:

     | Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), sources CAS Shanghai Branch website




    The Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the "the Shanghai Branch") is a branch of the CAS, responsible for coordinating the work of the CAS institutes in the Shanghai, Zhejiang and Fujian regions. Started in 1950, the Shanghai Branch has 19 institutions (including the Shanghai Branch) and a research, management and support team of nearly 14,000 people.


    With the growth of the branch, the aging of the communication system has caused an increasingly serious squeeze on telephone resources, which is unable to cope with office needs and is inconvenient to expand, affecting the efficiency and accuracy of communication. Moreover, the geographical distance between these 19 institutions made it harder to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of information delivery during the pandemic, adding an extra burden to internal collaboration.


    Therefore, Htek’s IP communication solution for the Shanghai Branch focuses on guarding information security and empowering communication and collaboration.




     | Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has 19 institutions scattered all over Shanghai, sources Google Maps


    - The Shanghai Branch wants a new communication system with rich enterprise-level telephony features to improve office collaboration efficiency, including BLF, call forward, call transfer, call hold, call park, call park, call pickup, 5-way conference, etc.

    - To cope with recurring epidemics, the Shanghai Branch required the communication system to be simple and efficient to deploy, configure and maintain, eliminating as many as possible the problems that affect the normal use of devices, such as the untimely response of technicians due to blocking and control, thus spilling over to the normal operation of the institutions.


    - Scientific research works involve a lot of sensitive information, which will cause incalculable losses to the country once lost or even leaked. In this regard, CAS holds very strict regulations - it is forbidden for staff to talk about their work on unencrypted ordinary phones. Under this premise, the Shanghai Branch put forward higher than industry average requirements on the information protection technology and long-term stable operation of Htek’s communication system.



    Htek standard color screen IP phone with Dual-port 10/100M Ethernet + Yeastar System S300

    | Network Topology Diagram





    Zero-touch Pre-configuration, Easy Management, Worry-free After-sales Service

    Htek replaced traditional phones with IP phones. In contrast to the tedious deployment process of traditional phones, Htek IP phones support plug-and-play and automatic provisioning, which can easily achieve rapid and batch deployment, enabling the Shanghai branch to quickly upgrade to a modern IP communication system and enjoy a paperless office.

    The phones can be used immediately by simply powering up and connecting to the network, without manual configuration or upgrade, saving a lot of time costs and realizing "zero-touch pre-configuration" in the true sense.

    Wide & Narrow Band Voice Codecs, Smooth Communication Anytime, Anywhere

    Htek phones have an independent audio chip and support Opus and other high-definition voice codecs, which can present HD sound quality under any network conditions and effectively improve communication and collaboration efficiency.


    HD color screen, rich functions, improve office efficiency

    This project employed phones with a 2.8" HD color screen and ergonomic desktop placement angle, relieving eye fatigue and liberating office productivity.

    In addition, Htek phones support diverse office collaboration functions such as BLF, speed dial, call hold, call transfer, 5-way local conference and other daily office high-frequency functions. Moreover, the rich DSS keys can be customized as line keys, memory keys, or others, greatly improving office efficiency.


    Multi-layer Encryption, Multi-level Protection, Eliminate Information Leakage
    Htek phones support SRTP and TLS call encryption, 802.1x media access control to prevent information leakage, and use MD5 and MD5-sess based authentication, AES security profile and other perfect security protection mechanisms to avoid hacking, all-round guarantee the stable operation of the devices and guard information security.