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Successful Story


    2022-11-15 17:02:07

     | CARSGEN Shanghai office, source CARSGEN’s website




    Founded in Shanghai in 2014, CARSGEN is a biopharmaceutical company with operations in China and the U.S. focused on innovative CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of hematological malignancies and solid tumors.

    With the development of the enterprise and continuous improvement of the organizational structure, CARSGEN has built offices, laboratories and factories in Shanghai, China, Beijing, China, Houston, USA and Durham, USA, and the number of staff is increasing day by day. The existing telephone resources are limited and unable to cover the daily office needs, and it is difficult to expand the capacity. In addition, there is a distance between CARSGEN’s office buildings and factories, which causes inconvenience to internal communication and collaboration.

    Accordingly, Htek provided CARSGEN with a modern IP communication solution that breaks down internal communication barriers and improves communication efficiency by linking the three branches with an internal network, facilitating stable and efficient corporate operations.




     | CARSGEN’s RTP production plant environment, source CARSGEN’s website


    - CARSGEN required rich enterprise-level functions for the new communication system to improve office and collaboration efficiency, including BLF, call transfer, call forwarding, call parking, call pickup, call hold, 5-way conference, etc.

    - CARSGEN adopted an end-to-end production strategy, deploying offices and production bases in three separate locations in China. They seek to achieve information synchronization and efficient collaboration among branches with the new communication system to ensure robust supply and cost control.



    Htek color screen business phones with dual-port gigabit ethernet & color expansion modules for company leaders, color screen standard phones with dual-port 10/100M ethernet for department managers, black & white screen entry-level phones with dual-port 10/100M ethernet for general staff + Yeastar system S100*2, S300*1 

    | Network Topology Diagram





    Automatic Provisioning, Batch Deployment, Significant Cost Savings

    Htek replaced traditional telephones with SIP phones. Instead of the tedious and lengthy deployment cycle, our IP phones support plug-and-play and automatic provisioning for quick and batch deployment, helping CARSGEN switch to modern IP communication systems easily.

    The phones can be used immediately by simply powering up and connecting to the network, without manual configuration or upgrade, saving a lot of time costs and realizing "zero-touch pre-configuration" in the true sense.

    Three-location Networking, Rich Office Functions, Enhance Decision-making Efficiency

    Htek phones have diversified office collaboration functions, such as BLF, speed dial, call hold, call forwarding, and other frequently-used, and the phone’s operating interface is intuitive and easy to use, which greatly improves office efficiency.








    Htek phones have an intuitive and user-friendly operating interface and support diverse office collaboration functions, such as BLF, speed dial, call hold, call transfer and other high-frequency features, greatly improving office efficiency.
    In particular, the local 5-way conferencing function can quickly start a meeting without using additional software or devices, greatly improving the efficiency of decision-making.


    HD Sound Quality, Interference-free Calls
    Htek phones adopt independent audio chips and support Opus and other HD voice codecs, which can present high-definition sound quality regardless of network conditions and ensure a smooth and interference-free call experience.