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  • Jiangsu Municipal Civil Air Defense Office

    2022-06-29 16:42:05


    | Photo/ WeChat Official Account of Nanjing Civil Air Defense Office


    The volatile international situation since 2022 reminds everyone that war is not far away. In news reports, the civilians who escaped the war in the air-raid shelter not only deeply grieved everyone, but also attracted the attention of various countries to their own air defense projects.

    As an important part of modern national defense, the significance of civil air defense engineering is self-evident. The inefficient traditional office methods have lagged far behind its important position and development process, and its digital transformation is imminent.

    Htek provided a modern IP communication system solution for the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, using multi-layer encryption technology to effectively ensure the confidentiality of national security information, and using advanced protection technology to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the civil air defense communication system. This solution enables communication technology to serve the government’s efficient decision-making and helps create an efficient and streamlined office model.


    | Phonto/Nanjing Civil Air Defense Office


    Jiangsu Municipal Civil Air Defense Office
    Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office is located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, coordinating the civil air defense work of 13 districts and cities in the province. Its main duty includes but is not limited to: organizing and managing the construction and maintenance of provincial civil air defense projects, planning the preparation, response and regular drills of off-site emergency plans for accidents, formulating air defense publicity and education programs for citizens and supervising the implementation of urban areas, etc.




    - The operator’s PSTN line was previously deployed by Jiangsu Municipal Civil Air Defense Office. With the continuous improvement of the organizational structure, the number of departments, office personnel, and the demand for calls are increasing. The existing telephone resources can no longer meet the needs of daily work, and the traditional PSTN line resources are limited, making it difficult to expand. Therefore, Jiangsu Municipal Civil Air Defense Office urgently needs to switch to a modern IP communication system to promote the digitalization of government affairs.

    - Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office leads the civil air defense work of 13 cities in the province, and organizes cross-city cooperation, thus, the meeting has become one of the necessary forms for it to perform its functions. However, the traditional offline group meeting method makes the participants tired of long distances, and also incurs huge travel expenses. In addition, offline meetings are subject to many restrictions due to the current epidemic.
    Meanwhile, Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office is responsible for policy advocacy, functional training and other related work to staff throughout the province. Traditional training is mostly text-based, and the timeliness of reading and the accuracy of comprehension cannot be ensured, which has caused great resistance to the advancement of government work.
    In summary, the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office hopes that the new communication solution can realize an interference-free multi-party voice conference with higher-definition sound quality, no delay in voice, and more stable operation, to reduce the frequency of offline group meetings and improve the efficiency and accuracy of internal communication.


    - In order to improve the efficiency of internal communication and collaboration, the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Defense Office hopes that the new communication system has rich and fast functions, including BLF, call transfer, call transfer, call park, call retrieval, call pickup, five-way conference, etc. Improve the efficiency of government affairs.
    In addition, because civil air defense projects often require the cooperation of multiple departments, and the government agencies are meticulously divided, it is inconvenient to use, update, and edit the directory. Therefore, the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office requires simplifying the management of the communication directory to achieve the purpose of effectively reducing the burden and increasing efficiency.


    - To ensure the effective completion of inspection and supervision of civil air defense projects, the Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office requires the phones to have good compatibility and be deeply integrated with the civil air defense dispatching system and other government affairs platforms to ensure real-time and secure communication between the civil air defense department and other departments.
    In emergencies, ensure the high-definition sound quality of the phones, so that the dispatch center can better understand the scene situation and promote efficient decision-making.


    - Due to the special significance of civil air defense work, it is particularly important to ensure the information security of calls. The Jiangsu Provincial Civil Air Defense Office has put forward higher requirements for the information security of the new communication system. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure the stable operation of the communication system in case of emergencies and ensure that the content of the call cannot be lost.




    Htek phones + SIMTON system, deployed in batches in many cities in Jiangsu Province


    | Map of Jiangsu Province / Wikipedia





    Support rapid batch deployment and promote sustainable development

    The Htek IP phones support plug-and-play, which can easily achieve rapid batch deployment. Switching the traditional PTSN telephone system to the modern IP communication system not only cuts down the call cost, but also makes the expansion of the communication system convenient and fast, which can further meet the needs of the expansion of the office team.
    IP phones transmit voice traffic over the network without line restrictions. The good mobility of IP phones can effectively deal with special situations such as office location migration and achieve sustainable development.

    High-definition voice calls, intelligent noise reduction without interference
    Htek IP phones support up to 5-way local conferences without the need for additional software or equipment. The phones are deeply compatible with the mainstream VoIP systems in the market to achieve seamless collaboration, so large-scale network conferences with more than 5 people can be held anytime and anywhere. While greatly reducing the frequency of offline meetings, it can also ensure the timeliness and accuracy of internal communication.
    Htek phones use independent language chips, support a wide range of high-definition voice codecs, and can present excellent high-definition sound quality under different network bandwidths. With Htek Acoustic Shield technology, the phones intelligently eliminate ambient noise through leading algorithms, so that clear human voices can be conveyed even in noisy environments. Audio is clearer and conversations are more efficient.

    Rich value-added services, convenient directory management
    Htek IP phones can provide a wealth of value-added services, such as BLF, call forwarding, call forwarding, call park, call retrieval, call pickup, etc., making internal communication faster, external response to citizen calls faster, and government affairs processing more efficient.
    Htek phones can store up to 10,000 local directories, support the intelligent search for contact names, extensions, etc. and call out with one click. The phones also support LDAP, AD, Broadsoft Phone Book and other address books, as well as web-based unified management, making information updates more timely and making phones more convenient to use. Contact information can also be called by departments and groups to help users quickly retrieve the related personnel to initiate an audio conference and enjoy a paperless office experience.

    Strong compatibility to accelerate the digitalization of government affairs
    The strong compatibility of Htek phones ensures good interoperability with the SIMTON system to realize point-to-point high-definition voice calls between front-end equipment and dispatch centers.
    In this project, the one-to-one connection of Htek phones and video capture equipment can realize the simultaneous return of high-definition audio and surveillance video to the command and dispatch center, provide more detailed on-site information, and ensure accurate, efficient, and fast decision-making.
    In addition, the in-depth integration of Htek phones and the civil air defense command and dispatch system also enables data exchange between audio calls and other government affairs platforms, realizing information media sharing, integrating data resources, and speeding up the process of government affairs digitization.


    Multi-layer encryption technology, say NO to information leakage
    As the top priority of government work, national security information is not allowed to be leaked. Htek phones adopt a secure voice transmission mode, support TLS1.3, and perform multi-layer encryption on voice data streams to prevent information leakage.
    The operating system of Htek phones adopts "multi-level watchdog protection" technology, which ensures the long-term and stable operation of the communication system through layers of protection and helps to create a trustworthy government image.
    Htek continuously upgrades its redundant server technology. This solution can realize seamless switchover between active and standby servers, and its powerful disaster recovery capability can quickly initiate calls and avoid information loss in emergencies.