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Successful Story

  • Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.

    2022-06-24 11:30:05

    | Product showcase of Donlim, a brand of Xinbao Holdings, photo/Xinbao Holdings’ official website


    In the global context of slowing economic growth and frequent external black swan event, the small domestic appliance industry has quietly entered a transformation period, moving towards the 3.0 era of overseas localized production and operation. In the 3.0 era of China’s small household appliances, companies aim to consolidate their globalization capabilities and sprint to the top international brands, and regard strengthening their refined operation capabilities as their top priority. It runs through marketing, channel (export), supply chain and other aspects, and puts forward higher requirements for the communication and cooperation system within the company.
    Against this background, Htek provided Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd. (its brand Donlim is well-known overseas) with a modern IP communication solution, which aims to improve digital penetration rate, empower refined operations, and help its business development in the 3.0 era.


    | Xinbao Holdings headquarters building, photo/Xinbao Holdings’ official website


    Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Xinbao Holdings) was established in 1995. An A-share listed firm (stock code: 002705), Xinbao Holdings specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of kitchen appliances, home care appliances, electronic baby products, refrigeration appliances, electronic personal care products and other small home appliances. Xinbao Holdings is headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong. The firm has over 30 subsidiary product companies and nearly 28,000 employees, of which 2,500 form the R&D team. The firm’s revenue exceeded RMB 13.1 billion in 2020.





    - Xinbao Holdings has more than 30 subsidiaries and tens of thousands of employees. The daily office communication within the group is based on the traditional telephone system, which is not only expensive to call, but also inconvenient to maintain. Xinbao Holdings hopes to switch to the new communication system without affecting the normal operation of the group, improve communication efficiency and cut the cost of traffic down.

    - Due to the repeated epidemic, working from home may become a general trend. Xinbao Holdings hopes that the new office phone has the mobility to break through the restrictions of the office location, and needs to be connected to the enterprise VPN network stably, to ensure the barrier-free flow of information within the company on the premise of data security.

    - With the maturity of the domestic small domestic appliance market, competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, optimizing customer service capabilities and strengthening exchanges between supply and demand sides will effectively improve the company’s customer stickiness and production efficiency. Xinbao Holdings hopes that the new IP phone can make up for the insufficiency of the customer center office environment, optimize the clarity of voice calls, and reduce latency.





    Htek IP Phones + Jiahe System


    | Xinbao Holdings office area, photo/Xinbao Holdings’ official website







    Modern IP communication system supporting rapid batch deployment and reducing communication costs

    Htek replaced traditional telephones with IP phones. Different from the complicated deployment process of traditional telephones, Htek IP phones support plug-and-play and wireless network connection, which can realize rapid batch deployment, helping companies "painlessly" switch to modern IP communication systems.
    In addition, the calls of IP phones are established using the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The voice traffic is compressed into media streams by the SIP server and sent through the Internet connection, effectively cutting down the IT and communication costs of the company.
    Not only that, but the Htek phones used in this solution can also enable high-frequency functions in daily offices, such as multi-party calling, call hold, call forwarding, etc. with one key. Its operation interface is intuitive and easy to use, greatly improving office efficiency.

    Strengthen internal communication and improve decision-making efficiency
    Htek IP phones can quickly initiate up to five-party local meetings without other software or devices. If there is a large-scale voice conference demand of more than five-party, it can also be easily satisfied by Htek phones with the VoIP system. Htek IP phones are deeply compatible with mainstream VoIP systems in the market with great interoperability, ensuring the long-term and stable operation of the IP communication system.
    At the same time, Htek phones support dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4G/5G), greatly increasing the transmission rate, stabilizing the network signal, and avoiding audio latency. The interference-free meetings guaranteed by Htek phones help users start brainstorming anytime and anywhere, and show a giant leap in decision-making efficiency.

    Powerful and easy-to-use VPN remote access solution, improving digital penetration rate and protecting enterprise information security
    Under the epidemic, the demand for working remote has increased, effectively accelerating the process of IP-based corporate communications. However, working remotely on a non-work network substantially increased the risk of information leakage. But don’t worry, using a VPN remote access solution will do the trick.
    Htek IP phones already support OpenVPN across the board, which not only meets the requirements mentioned above but also simplifies the rapid deployment of the VPN remote access solution, greatly reducing the human and material cost of deployment.
    Htek phones already support OpenVPN across the board, which not only ensures information security, but also simplifies the rapid deployment steps of the remote access solution through VPN, which greatly reduces the labor and material cost of deployment.
    When the phone’s OpenVPN feature is enabled, the VPN (Virtual Private Network) can encrypt calls, and make the calls take place within the company’s secure network. It means that even if the call originates from a non-working network that may have security holes, the content of the call can be fully protected, and the possibility of leakage of sensitive information and business data is greatly reduced.
    This function provides great flexibility for users to work remotely, provides strong support for the company’s digital transformation, and makes the information transfer within the enterprise more efficient and accurate. Especially in the post-epidemic era with frequent cyber-attacks and fraud incidents, the security level of enterprise data centers and call information is of extraordinary significance for evaluating enterprise competitiveness.

    High-definition sound quality improves customer service experience and enables refined operations
    With the development of the Internet, an efficient and complete enterprise communication center has become one of the yardsticks to measure the competitiveness of enterprises. Htek phones use independent language chips and support high-definition voice codecs such as Opus, so that high-definition sound quality can be delivered in different network bandwidths, which can greatly improve the interaction efficiency between enterprises and customers.
    The office cubicles of traditional customer service centers have limited spacing and high density. Noise is inevitable during calls, and the service effect is seriously diluted. Through Htek’s acoustic shield technology and leading algorithms, ambient noise can be intelligently eliminated, and clear human voices are delivered even in noisy environments. These put customers in a 1-to-1 conversation situation, which can effectively improve the customer service experience and increase customer trust.
    In addition, Htek phones widely support EHS headsets, Bluetooth headsets, USB headsets, RJ9 headsets, etc., and are deeply compatible with mainstream headset brands in the market, such as Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser. It achieves the excellent presentation of high-definition sound quality in call center usage scenarios, and realizes the sustainable use of the original assets of the enterprise.