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  • Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources

    2022-05-20 10:24:59



    Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources
    Cangzhou City, located in Hebei Province, is listed on the 2022 Top 100 Vibrant Cities of China released by the Urban Economic Research Center of CCID Consulting. Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources has 14 departments including the Office, the Personnel Education Department, the Policy and Regulation Department, the Land Utilization Management Department, etc., which are responsible for the protection and rational use of the city’s land resources, mineral resources, marine resources and other natural resources.
    In recent years, the digital transformation of government has become a global development trend, and the endless pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the "digital transformation" of government agencies at all levels. Many factors increase the difficulty of government decision-making in the information age, such as multiple sources of government data, complex public utilities, and asynchronous regional development.




    - As a government agency, the Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources is responsible for administrative functions, so it has high requirements on the stability and security of the office communication system. It has 16 internal institutions with detailed functional divisions. To improve the office coordination and response speed, and reduce the distortion of communication information in the work process, the new communication system needs to be able to know the online status of colleagues or other departments’ phones in real-time, pick up some colleagues’ calls, and speed-dial frequent contacts, etc.、、

    - The management of land resources often requires inter-departmental and inter-unit collaboration and involves multi-party communication. The traditional telephone system’s address book is inconvenient to maintain and untimely to update, which seriously slows down work progress. With the recent rebound of the global epidemic, the advancement of a paperless office has been brought forward considerably and the digitization of government affairs has become a major trend. The Cangzhou Bureau of Land and Resources hopes that the new communication system will enable efficient management and easy use of the address book. They hope to achieve a significant improvement in office efficiency by reducing the difficulty of maintenance and improving the ease of use of equipment.

    - With the promotion of building a service-oriented government, the service scope of the government service hotline has been gradually expanded and the service process has been gradually improved. However, the disadvantages of the traditional telephone system, such as difficult maintenance, complex expansion and high cost, have brought increasingly significant negative effects. Cangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources hopes that the new communication system should not only have modern office functions such as call hold, call transfer, and call recording, but also meet the sustainable development needs of the government service center and create good congenital conditions for the continuous optimization of the construction of the government hotline system.





    Htek (Eco-entry Level Phone UC902SP * 202PCS & Eco-standard Business Phone UC921P * 20PCS + Yeastar System

    | Network Topology Diagram





    The Operating System is Protected Layer by Layer, Protect Information Security

    The operating system of Htek phones has "multi-level watchdog protection" technology, including process-level, module-level, application-level, and system-level protection, which ensure Htek phones recover quickly even in the face of accidental faults. Htek phones support disaster recovery backup to help users face various emergencies calmly, ensure the stable operation of the communication system, and protect the security of government information.


    Enrich Value-Added Services, Liberate Office Productivity
    Htek UC921P and UC902SP have rich value-added functions, such as BLF, call transfer, call transfer, call park, call retrieval, call pickup, five-party conference and other rich services. The BLF function can display the online status of other phones in real-time. If there is a need for transfer, the judgment can be made according to the BLF indicator without repeating the call confirmation. If a colleague is inconvenient to answer a call, you can also answer it with one click to avoid missing important information. Improve the efficiency of government affairs, liberate office productivity, reduce the burden and increase efficiency.

    Unified Management of Address Book, Improve Work Efficiency
    Htek phones support various address books such as Local Address book, LDAP, AD, Broadsoft Address Book, etc. Among them, the LDAP address book is one of the commonly used address books, which is easy to use and easy to maintain.
    Htek phone can achieve synchronous update of address books in batch, and can also be managed flexibly by department or group, reducing resistance to update contact information in time, which reduces the delay in updating contact information. A powerful office phone can significantly reduce work mistakes and avoid affecting the progress of collaboration.
    In addition, Htek phones have API interfaces, which support LDAP (third party protocol) management integration. When answering the phone, you can view the relevant information of the incoming call, which optimizes the communication experience and improves work efficiency.

    Strong Compatibility, Simple Deployment, Fully Release the Efficiency of Government Services
    Htek phones are deeply compatible with multi-brand and multi-type terminals, which can make full use of the original communication resources, avoiding the impact of the transition of the old and new systems on government work, but also easily upgraded and expanded to meet sustainable development needs.
    Htek phones support batch automatic deployment, plug and play, simple operation, greatly reducing the dependence on technical support departments, can fully release the effectiveness of government services, and improve public satisfaction.