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  • ZTT Group

    2022-04-08 13:53:37



    ZTT Group
    ZTT embarked on optical fiber communications in 1992. ZTT is one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, National Key High-tech Enterprise as well as the winner of China Quality Award and China Grand Awards for Industry.
    ZTT has pictured a diversified industrial portfolio for marine equipment, renewable energy, new materials, smart grid, optical communications, and other diversified industrial products. ZTT Group is now hosting 76 subsidiary companies and over 16,000 employees, as well as 54 offices and 10 marketing centers set up overseas, and 6 overseas plants operated in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, Turkey, and Germany. The products of ZTT are exported to 160 countries and regions, and the businesses of ZTT have achieved full coverage of countries and regions along the Belt and Road. In 2020, ZTT broke through $ 10.82 billion in sales revenue.





    - ZZT has 76 subsidiaries and 54 overseas offices all over the world. The old office communication system based on traditional telephones has produced huge running and maintenance costs, which has caused a heavy burden for the development of enterprises.

    - ZZT has a large scale and tens of thousands of employees. Due to the different office requirements of various posts, the required performances of desktop communication terminal equipment are not the same.

    - The main business and communication requirements of each branch are different, and the technical support capacity is also uneven. Therefore, the new communication system needs to have several advantages, including easy management, easy maintenance, and low learning cost.

    - The traditional communication system has lagged behind the efficient internal communication needs of modern enterprises. ZZT requires the new communication equipment to have a variety of fast functions with high usage frequency, and comprehensively liberate the productivity of the enterprise.





    Htek executive business phones UC924 & entry-level phones UC902P * 500 + Equiinet PBX

    | Network Topology Diagram





    Simplify Network Cabling, Satisfy the Sustainable Business Development
    Htek phones can bridge the computer network while supplying power through PoE, which simplifies the network cabling. It is not only conducive to rapid deployment, which can effectively avoid affecting the normal operation of the enterprise, but also reduces the deployment prerequisites for the increase of office locations following business development.


    Differentiated Equipment Performance, Tailored for Various Posts
    According to the different business and job characteristics of each subsidiary, Htek executive business phones UC924 and entry-level phones UC902P were adopted in this project. These models are distinguished in several aspects such as equipment screen, network performance, and function keys. Appropriate equipment can be deployed according to different office needs of various posts to improve equipment utilization.


    Liberate Enterprise Productivity, Improve Return on Investment
    Replacing traditional telephones with IP phones to form an all-IP network is not only convenient for management, but also can improve office efficiency through the advanced functions of IP phones, reduce communication costs and improve the return on investment of enterprises.