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Successful Story


    2021-11-17 16:50:01



    BIOBASE is a new high-tech enterprise whose business covers biomedical, e-commerce, intelligent manufacturing, scientific equipment, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) instrument and reagent. BIOBASE is specialized in medical equipment and laboratory equipment products, with more than 200 existing high-tech products, and its headquarters is located in Jinan, China.
    With more than 5,000 people, 22 workshops, covering a total area of 932,900 m2. BIOBASE has established overseas companies in USA, Dubai, India, Algeria, Singapore and other countries.





    | The interior of the BIOBASE headquarters building


    - With the expansion of business, customers have built new office buildings and factories. On the one hand, the overall office communication needs of the new buildings and the plant need to be met. On the other hand, it should be compatible with the communication system of the original office area, and finally realize internal communication.

    - The construction of multipoint office communication requires the batch, fast and easy installation, and use of terminal phones.




    1500 Htek Giga-standard Business Phone UC921G + New Rock PBX MO8000+ HPT (Htek Provision Tool)

    | The networking topology


    | Deployment scenario





    Plug and play, efficient and convenient
    HPT (Htek Provision Tool) and RPS (Redirection Provision Service) tools were used to realize the large-scale automatic deployment of phones. HPT (Htek Provision Tool) has a friendly user interface, which is simple and easy to use. It could automatically generate devices when connecting to the platform to realize visual configuration. Integrate with RPS and support Plug and Play installation, maximize compression time and labor costs.


    Directory management, simple and fast
    Htek phones support LDAP, local, and remote phonebook, and the API interface of the phones are open to connecting with the CRM system. The information is updated in time, which is convenient for unified management and use.


    Integrate old communication systems, achieve sustainable development
    Integrate the original communication system, realize seamless communication between old and new office areas, and protect enterprise assets. This case has distinct scalability and helps the sustainable business development of this enterprise.


    Deep compatibility, rich functions
    Since the domestic sales of Htek phones in 2015, Htek has established a great partnership with New Rock, and cooperated in many projects around China. All along, Htek phones and New Rock PBX cooperate perfectly, and all functions run well. Such as BLF, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Park, Call Retrieve, Call Pickup, 5-Way Conference, and other rich functions to improve the office efficiency.