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Successful Story

  • Aranjuez Prison, Spain

    2020-08-20 17:36:06

    Aranjuez Prison, Spain
    Based in the north of Madrid, 25 miles away, it is the world’s only prison with family members and is considered the most humane prison in the world. There are around 360 rooms in the prison which located in suburb ,40 kilometers south of Madrid.

    The previous intercom system is too old to use which have operated many years and its time to change new system which is base on IP. But there are many challenges before conducting the project. Here list the challenges as below: 1、The Paging system need to upgraded to IP Based but the old wiring system is so complex and difficult to operate. 2、Noise Environment which requires the equipment to be with high quality for audio transmit. 3、All Endpoints needs to be easy configured considering the time and energy cost.

    Considering the special environment of prison, Htek offered the customized W1600 device to cater to the requirements of the project which need to be easily install and operate. What’s more, its basing on Asterisk IP PBX which is easy for use and compatible with our IP phones well.

    - Feature-rich application, the firmware is especially customized developed for the project with rich functions for the prison environment.
    - Easy deployment, easy maintain, which helps to save time, energy and cost in someway.
    - Unique voice codec to ensure the voice quality in noise environment.
    - High temperature duration could face to very high and low temperature environment.