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  • Hanlong harvested the CeBIT

    2013-03-11 Read More

    Nanjing, China--As one of the top VoIP manufacture& developer in China, Nanjing Hanlong is glad to attend in CeBIT exhibition in Germany, and received high reputation during the fair.

  • Hanlong Interoperable With Xener IPT Solution

    2012-11-27 Read More

    Hanlong Technology Co., ltd, the leading manufacturer of IP voice telephony solutions, announced today certification and interoperability of its entire line of Unicron Customers IP Phones and ATAs, Gateways with BizCOM and XIP G3 IP PBX from Korea-based Xener.

  • Succeed in SVIAZ/EXPO COMM MOSCOW 2012

    2012-11-27 Read More

    Organized by Klaus Exhibition Company and the United States Department of the Russian Communication Sviaz-Expocomm has been the largest and most prestigious industry event in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe.

  • Hanlong’s VOIP Devices Family Based TI’s DSP

    2010-10-27 Read More

    Hanlong Technology launched a series of VOIP products based on TI C5000 DSP. Hanlong Technology integrates key VOIP and codecs technology based on powerful, ultra-low power consumption DSP platform, and develops a series of VOIP products with single chipset, including ATA,IP Phone, Gateway, etc.

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