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Hanlong IP Phone successed in interop test with Elastix

2014-06-29 16:27:25

We are glad to let you know the integration works with Elastix's Endpoint Configurator tool have been completed at the end of May, 2014. And also the Hanlong provides full range of affordable IP Phones to meet customers need, such as enterprise, SMB, carrier and so on. Based on our own , all these IP Phones are with perfect the audio quality and the stable performance. 

Elastix is developed and managed by PaloSanto Solutions an Ecuadorian Based Company. PaloSanto Solutions is a leader in open source innovation and new technology in Latin America. Our experience in the development and implementation of open source technologies makes us the preferred technology provider to more than 1000 companies. Our team of accomplished professionals with the highest certifications in the industry is always ready to serve your company in the best way possible.

We are pleased to have achieved interoperability with Elastix with our IP telephones. The completion of our interoperability testing with Elastix represents another new milestone in our continuing customer-centric approach. We look forward to working closely with Elastixin the near future.