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Firmware Upgrade | Embrace Android Native Interaction Habits, Add 3-way Video Call Function

2022-09-26 16:10:52

Nanjing, China - September 26th, 2022- Htek, the world-class unified communication equipment manufacturer and solution provider, now offers the latest firmware version for UCV22 and UCV20, optimizing the visual design and user experience, and adding a 3-way video call function to facilitate efficient office work.


I.       Evolved UI style for a better visual experience

a)      Brand new icon and visual design.

b)      UI design style compliant with material design


II.      Redesigned launcher, embrace Android native interaction habits

a)      Supports icon drag & drop, folder and other functions.

b)      Supports long press screen to customize multi-page function page.

c)      Support App Widget to personalize desktop widgets.


III.    Optimized the Status Bar & Notification Bar, conformed to office habits

a)      USB status alert and screen recording function were added to the status bar.

b)      Enable auto-transfer and DND from the status bar with one click to fit the using habits of office scenarios.

c)      Optimized adaptive notification bar for smoother reading.


IV.    Redesigned the setting interface and DSS keys, enhance office efficiency

a)      Combine the primary and secondary menus of the settings function into the same page to visually display the subdivisions and avoid repeated page switching.

b)      Support customizing the position of DSS keys on the desktop, add a new independent page of DSS keys and its entrance.


V.      Optimized the use of multi-line calling experience, multiparty collaboration rapid start

a)      Collapsible sidebar in the multi-party call interface, making it straightforward to see the callers and their status.

b)      DSS keys tab is added to the calling interface to rapidly enable multi-party conversation.


VI.    Further video calling features and performance

a)      Upgrade to 3-way video call (10-way audio/video mixed conference)

b)      Reduce video latency and significantly improve video function and performance


VII.   Better third-party APP support and improved compatibility across the board


Please contact us via for the latest firmware version, thanks for your support!



About Htek

Nanjing Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. (aka Htek) is s a world-class developer and manufacturer of audio and video VoIP communication devices, dedicated to providing Easy Use, Easy Deployment, Easy Management, Easy Rebranding of IP communication products and personal & group IP communication solutions, reaching millions of end users around the world.

Founded in 2005, Htek is headquartered in Nanjing, China, with offices in Latin America, North America and Europe. We keep cultivating the field of intelligent audio and video IP communication, mastering numerous core patented technologies and collaborating tightly with system integrators, IP PBX manufacturers and Internet service providers around the world to perform continuous compatibility testing. Thats why we can deliver high-definition audio and video calling experience, high-performance communication and collaboration features, and high-quality communication products. We are striving to achieve our mission: leading people-oriented UC technologies, delivering intelligent products and services among the first rank in the world!

With a global network of distribution partners, ITSPs and OEM partners, Htek’s products are available in more than 90 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific, garnering praise from customers worldwide.