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Htek and E-MetroTel announce availibility of XSTIM powered desktop devices.

2018-12-10 13:40:28

Htek and E-MetroTel have successfully developed and implemented intelligent desktop devices that deliver full featured performance beyond SIP. The firms are leveraging their respective strengths (E-MetroTel’s XSTIM software and Htek’s desktop device expertise) to advance Unified Communications to new levels. Having successfully completed testing the firms are ramping up manufacturing of the Infinity 5000 portfolio powered by XSTIM.
E-MetroTel’s patented approach returns control of the endpoints to the server using XSTIM.This “back-to-the-future“ innovation, means customer’s support staff can easily perform system wide updates and implementations. For example, provisioning or updating firmware for hundreds of endpoints can be done with one command at the server and sent to all XSTIM endpoints.
Ardavan Nawaby President and CEO of E-MetroTel noted that: “In addition to the ease of use and implementation, XSTIM delivers features like shared line appearances, click-to-dial from the Infinity One desktop app, and Survivable Remote Gateways (SRG) as out-of-the box / standard features.”
“Until now customers and channels transitioning to IP telephony were forced to sacrifice desktop functionality”noted Navy Ding CEO of Htek.“Many firms viewed this step backwards as unacceptable to their businesses.”
Likewise requirements for Emergency Services have often limited the deployment of SIP solutions. With XSTIM and Htek devices these are no longer impediments, as control is maintained in the server not the endpoint.
Htek (aka Hanlong Technology) was founded in Nanjing, China in 2005, with a 100% dedication to the R&Dand manufacturing of VoIP endpoints. Htek’s IP phones deliver modern elegant appearance, superb sound quality and a rich set of SIP telephony features. Through a wide network of distribution partners, ITSPs and OEM partners, Htek has a market presence in more than 80 regional markets in the world.
E-MetroTel (the NewNortel) founded in 2009 delivers simple and secure unified business communications solutions that consistently provide superior customer satisfaction and lowest total cost of ownership. The company’s product line includes a wide range of patented telephony hardware and software that enable resellers and customers to implement turnkey unified communications solutions.
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