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Htek Attended AsterConf-2018 Russia with Fully Localized UC900 Series IP Phones

2018-10-08 11:47:

Htek excitedly participated in the AsterConf-2018 held in Moscow on September 22-23, with the attention of introducing its latest fully localized UC900 Series IP Phones. This event has attracted more than 300 visitors from Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities of Russia.


AsterConf is the unique national premier event for all who are connected with Asterisk. At the conference, you will not only learn much of new and useful information about the world of Asterisk, but can also make acquaintance with some like-minded people.


During the event, attendees had the opportunity to hear a short presentation from Konstantin, Russia Sales Representative of Htek, learned more information about the latest Russian-localized UC900 series IP phones and how Htek can boost profits for channel partners and VoIP experts of Russian Asterisk community.
“AsterConf-2018 was a great opportunity for Htek to announce market release of our latest Russian-localized UC900 series IP phones to all participants. These two days in Moscow were really productive”, - said Konstantin Meleschenko, Htek Russian Representative.
We would like to thank all those who met us at the conference. Don’t forget to contact Konstantin to check out great opportunities for local partnership and free demos with full technical support in Russian language. 
About Htek:
Htek is a professional designer and manufacturer of enterprise VoIP solutions, from phones to gateways. Since its inception in 2005, Htek has provided customers in over 80 countries worldwide with high-quality VoIP solutions. Its UC900 VoIP phones, which are well known for its standard two-year warranty, stable quality and software reliability as well as its cutting-edge features such as broad SIP compatibility with all mainstream PBX partners.
Konstantin Meleschenko, Htek Russian Representative:, Moscow +79850098322, St.Petersburg +79119016000