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The Right Choice for ITSPs

2017-04-13 13:19:37

As a service provider delivering high quality business grade voice services to your customers, your reputation is built on quality, reliability, support and value. Therefore, you deserve to partner with a phone manufacturer that shares and is committed to your values.

Htek has been manufacturing best in class IP phones for over 10 years and understands your needs. That’s why our new UC900 series of IP phones offers a full range of products, from low cost entry level phones to high-end Executive models, all of which meet and exceed your expectations, as well as your customers’ needs, and work with you to grow your business.


Htek products are designed to meet and exceed all expectations and performance criteria. The exceptionally high quality Texas Instruments AIC3100 Audio DSP Codec chipset drives the performance in every Htek product.

Tested to exacting standards, the Htek Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Rate is an impressive 60,000 hours, and with less than 1 percent RMA rate, you can rest assured that Htek will provide your customers with high performance units for many years to come.

And, in the unlikely event of failure, Htek is the only manufacturer that provides a standard two year warranty. So, you can deploy Htek products with your solution, safe in the knowledge that we are right behind you with the support you need.


There is no getting away from it: cost always plays an important aspect in determining which partner is right for you.

Too low a cost leads to the suspicion of low quality components, which can lead to unacceptable quality issues and subsequent failure rates. This in turn impacts the reliability and quality reputation of your brand. On the other hand, if the cost is too high, your solution becomes uncompetitive.

Htek has a hard earned reputation for quality. For example, we are the only manufacturer to use superior dedicated independent chipsets from Texas Instruments that deliver increased processing performance and responsiveness, which in turn leads to increased voice quality.

But Htek delivers at an extraordinary price point.

Operational Requirements

It is a given that all Htek products perform the basic requirements that we would expect in an IP Phone. From making and breaking phones calls, conference calling, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Pickup/Park, Call Waiting, Intercom/Paging, Voicemail MWI, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), Shared Line Appearance (SLA), Do Not Disturb (DND) etc., the list is virtually endless.

Ease of Provisioning and Installation. But of more concern to ITSPs is how easy it is to Install and Provision these network endpoints. Htek units support a number of different automatic provisioning techniques such as FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS. In addition, Htek offers a global Redirection and Provisioning Server (RPS) in the case of ITSPs. Together, installation and provisioning automatically provide direct plug-and-play installation, reduced configuration errors, improved security and reliability and reduced costs.

Advanced Feature Set. In addition to the basic features mentioned above and automatic provisioning capabilities, Htek products also boast an array of advanced feature sets including, but not limited to, Executive and Assistant, Buddies, Presence, Hot Desking, LDAP Integration, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Shared Call Appearance, Network Conferencing, XML Browser Support, TRO69 SNMP, etc.

Branding Opportunity

The desktop is a valuable, prime piece of real estate on which to market your brand. Often, case users associate the service ‘brand’ with the brand of the phone that is sitting on their desktop that they use every day.

The best endorsement for any company is the power of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Therefore, there is inherent value in associating the equipment your customers use every day with that of your own brand.

Htek provides a unique low entry opportunity to provide branding on our products. You can choose to promote your brand through a variety of options, ranging from simply printing your company name on the product to having your logo brilliantly displayed with LED backlights.


Finally, no successful partnership is complete without the necessary support that delivers mutual benefits to the parties involved.

Htek is committed to technical excellence with a team of over 80 people; all our engineers have experience in working with and for some of the largest carrier manufacturing organizations in the world. Htek has been developing and delivering quality products since 2005 and, in 2010, made the effort to improve our offerings further by becoming the only VoIP third party of Texas Instruments in China.

The technical team has successfully conducted interop testing and achieved certification with many of the world’s leading VoIP solutions. In fact, companies with global reach such as such as 3CX and BroadSoft have partnered with us and proven interoperability, thus ensuring that our VoIP phones work well with the systems most companies have in place.

Although we have proven interoperability with these companies, we are always looking to expand and enable as many people as possible to access our solutions. That’s why we are always ready and willing to conduct necessary Interoperability testing with your platform. So, even if we do not currently support your platform, we are willing to discuss ways we can help.

All in all, we believe that Htek is the right choice for ITSPs. By offering reliability, interoperability, low cost, branding opportunities and by meeting operational requirements, we strive to meet all the essential needs ITSPs may have.