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BroadSoft and Htek Join Forces

2017-04-13 11:51:37

In any partnership, it’s important that both parties give equally. This is applicable to any partnership—marriage, friendships, business, etc. Two companies that have joined forces for the betterment of them both are Htek and BroadSoft.

It’s no secret that BroadSoft is a powerful player in the communications space. The company has been making strides in the cloud unified communication software and services arena for the past 17 years and shows no signs of slowing down. It provides a comprehensive, mobile-integrated and completely open communication suite for businesses, with carrier-class reliability and security. This offering fits perfectly with the company’s overall mission which, according to its website, is to be “Committed to redefining the future of work by inspiring teams to create, collaborate and perform in ways never before imagined, our mission is to bring best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools to businesses.”

Htek has similar goals; the company wants nothing more than to help businesses create, collaborate and perform better by using Htek’s solutions. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Htek’s sleek, accomplished and affordable IP phones are now being embraced by BroadSoft Broadworks R21.SP1 platform. Both the UC800 series and the new UC900 series are compatible with BroadSoft’s Broadworks R21.SP1 platform, meaning that service providers and their customers around the world can now confidently deploy all Htek phones with support from BroadSoft.

“We are fully committed to expanding our product line support for BroadSoft’s innovative and market-leading platform.” said Julex Jiao, Marketing Director of Htek, regarding the new Htek and BroadSoft recognition of all IP phone models.

 That commitment reaches beyond simply wanting to expand its product line to work well with BroadSoft’s, though. Htek is also committed to being an overall great partner to BroadSoft, which it proved by attending the company’s BroadSoft Connections 2016. The event, titled “Let’s Change the Game,” enabled Htek to connect with attendees and ask for insight regarding its future IP solutions. Better solutions on Htek’s part is good for everyone—Htek, BroadSoft and consumers alike. So having access to events like this will undoubtedly make Htek an even better partner.

One of the best ways to create a successful product is to rely on partners and ask users for insight; through this new partnership with BroadSoft, Htek is able to do both.

“We are proud of our partnership and collaboration with Broadsoft,” says Stephen Corrigan, VP of Sales and Marketing at Htek, “and we continue to strive to deliver the best possible value solution set to our partners.”