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VoIP Solution for Manufacturing

2021-07-22 15:01:33


Ideal VoIP solution for manufacturing industry, committed to improve productivity and protect workshop safety.


Application Value

√ Connecting personnel in & out and material in & out management system, making overall production rhythm, improving production efficiency
√ Industry-leading Acoustic Shield technology, filtering production noise, clear and smooth call experience anytime and anywhere
√ Effective devices management system, saving time and effort in devices supervision and maintenance, further liberating the productive forces
√ Considered material selection and scientific appearance design, fearless of harsh environment (extreme temperature, humidity, etc.) in the production workshop
√ One key alarm function, rapid organization of security response strategy, maximum protection of production safety
√ HD voice technology, supporting control off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes from the wireless headset, HD calls are not restricted by location


Deployment Topology



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