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Htek Attended RoutIT Vision 2019 with New Products

2019-09-27 16:33:02

Htek excitedly participated in the RoutIT Vision 2019 held in Netherland on September 18-26, with the attention of introducing its new products and Easy Rebranding Service. This event has attracted many visitors from Netherland and had a good time together.


RoutIT Vision is the partner event hold by RoutIT, which was founded in 2000 and offers innovative services in the field of internet, cloud, connectivity and communication solutions. RoutIT distinguishes itself from other providers by exclusively using an indirect market approach with a partner network. At the conference, you will not only learn much of new and useful information from RoutIT latest solutions about network, security and telecom, but you can also make acquaintance with all RoutIT partners to exchange the fancy ideas with each other.
During the event, the visitors went to the exhibition area of the products and to experience the new products. They brought up questions about the products, and Htek engineers answered them and introduced the products to them patiently. After that, visitors talked with the sales managers of future cooperation.


‘We feel honored to be invited as one of the sponsors on this annual meeting. The RoutIT Vision 2019 is a chance of sharing new products and exchanging ideas. Finding the ways to share knowledge, advice, and resources that benefits all the attendees’ Nico Tao, VP of sales at Htek, commented.
We would like to thank all those who were with us at the event. Our team will contact you shortly about the matters discussed at our booth during the show. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the new products and easy rebranding services, please feel free to contact us
About Htek:
Htek is a professional designer and manufacturer of enterprise VoIP solutions, from phones to gateways. Since its inception in 2005, Htek has provided customers in over 80 countries worldwide with high-quality VoIP solutions. Its UC900 VoIP phones, which are well known for its standard two-year warranty, stable quality and software reliability as well as its cutting-edge features such as broad SIP compatible with all mainstream PBX partners.