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IPV6 era is coming, Htek is ready for it

2017-12-09 15:36:29

Htek, the designer and manufacturer of enterprise VoIP phones and gateways have announced that its UC900 whole series IP phones are compatible with IPv6-standard.
IPv6 is the next-generation protocol of Internet, intended to replace the current Internet Protocol, IP version 4.
Since its launch of the first generation of UC800 series IP phones in 2013, Htek has supported the IPv6 protocol and solved the problem of insufficient IP addresses for IP phones. At present, Htek UC 900 series IP phones users can access both IPv4 and IPv6 address segments.At the same time, it not only guarantees the stability of information transmission, but also does not require users to worry about the shortage of IP address space and greatly improves the user experience on the phone. Htek IP phones support IPv6 protocol to ensure the user's investment for users does not have to pay for extra money to update IPv6 protocol for their product in the future.
‘The internet is full’So come with us to enter the Ipv6 world to see how well it will be for your business!