Technology Partners



    ZYCOO Co., LTD was founded in 2006. Targeting S&M business communication market, ZYCOO Co., LTD is engaged in R&D project, manufacture of VoIP device and providing VoIP communication and all related solutions.

    ZYCOO Co., LTD has an outstanding R&D team with extensive experience on embedded device. Today, their product line includes Embedded IP PBX, IP Phone and a series of Asterisk PCI cards. In addition to VoIP product, ZYCOO Co., LTD has designed many types of embedded hardware boards for our ODM customers.

    ZYCOO's products and solutions are widely applied in more than 85 countries and regions. Meanwhile, ZYCOO Co., LTD had developed and produced more than 10 customized embedded boards based on ARM and DSP chips for USA and European customers.

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