Phone Operation

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  • Q11. How could I use Intercom and Paging?

    1. You can set the Intercom/Paging on Webpage-Function Keys-Memory Key. Choose the type as Intercom/Paging, input the number in Value, and choose the Account1/2/3/4.
    2. You can also set Intercom/Paging on LCD, Menu-Features-Function Keys-Memory Keys as Function Keys-Memroy Key 1, choose the Type as Intercom/Paging, input the number in Value and choose the Account1/2/3/4. 

  • Q12. When I dial a number, I want the call dial out automicatally without press the # key, could this be

    1. Yes, it could be realized. Log on Webpage-Setting-Preference-No Key Entry Timeout, set the time(seconds) that you want the number to be dialed out after several minutes.

  • Q13. When I in a submenu in the LCD, is there somekey that I press to back to the home menu?

    1. Yes, when you are in a Submenu, and want to back to the home menu, you can press the X key beside the navigation key to back to the home menu.
    2. You can also pick up and hang off the handset, the phone will aslo back to home menu.

  • Q14. Could the font size in the LCD menu be change?

    1. Yes, if you want to change the font on the LCD to the size you like, you can change it on Menu-Setting-Basic Setting-Font Size.

  • Q15. If I pick up the headset, I want the phone dial one number automatically, could this be realized?

    1. Yes, it could be realized. You can set the number as Hot Line, so when you pick up the handset or press the speaker, the number would dial out automatically after several seconds. Webpage-Setting-Features-Hotline, fill the Hotline number and time.
    2. You can also set the Hot line on LCD, Menu-Features-Hot Line, fill the Hot Line number and time.

  • Q16. How could I add someone to my Contact/Blacklist?

    1. If you got a call, you can choose this number in Histroy, and press option to Add to Contacts or Add to Blacklists.
    2. You can also press Directory/DIR, chooos More, then Add a contact in the Directory.

  • Q17. When I away from my phone, I do not want others to operate my phone, could this be realized?

    1. Yes, it could be realized. You can make the setting password need to be input before operate the phone, Webpage-Setting-Phone lock, choose the Keypad Lock tyep, set the password, and set the phone lock time after being idle.

  • Q18. Where could I set the daylight saving time?

    1. You can set the Daylight saving time on Webpage-Setting-Preference-Daylight Saving Time, choose it as Yes.
    2. You can also set on LCD, Menu-Settings-Basic Settings-Time&Date-SNTP Setting-Daylight Saving, choose it as on or Automatic.