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Successful Story

  • University of São Paulo

    2020-08-20 17:15:25

    The University of São Paulo which is short for USP is a Brazilian public institution, maintained by the State of São Paulo. This means that no student pays fees to study at the university, which is fully maintained by state taxes. It was founded in early 1934 , especially the first and largest modern comprehensive university in Brazil currently.


    The phone system have been running for dozens of years, it is time to change to IP based system. But before changing to Htek IP phone system, we need to face and solve many difficulties which really challenge us a lot.

    For example:

    1The cost of maintenance for the previous old phone system is too high to the school because of the old devices, complex wiring system, poor ability of problem detection.

    2Poor telecommunication system make the phone call among different departments become a mess.

    3No integration to combine all the phone devices which make the work in a very low efficiency way and make many information delay.


    Unify Platform + 7500 units color IP Phones ensure all the office around the country and world, can enjoy the fast and free communication. The total solution system really helps the university a lot which make its more easier to manage and maintain the telecommunications. The solution improves the work efficiency a lot in someway.


    1Zero touch for the provisioning and configuration which is very easy to operate.

    2Color IP Phones with fashion design which could perform rich functions and easy to use.

    3No Extra technical support on phone side which enables the users to install, use and maintain it in a quick and cost-effective way.

    4The IP phone system is really perfect fit with budget as it save a lot of time on communication which improve the work efficiency a lot.